Each year in the National Football League there is a draft where football teams select college players to be part of a professional team.  A lot of work goes into scouting players for multiple years, looking at statistics of the individual as well as assessing the team for which he played.

Every coach and team management wants to choose individuals that are the right fit for the positions they are looking to fill with the ultimate goal being to have a team to win a Super Bowl.  I’ve seen teams draft players who were listed for a particular position and believe that player would be better suited for their team in a different slot.  Those players that have declared for the NFL draft are so excited to be on a professional team, they will usually play whatever position the leaders believe they are best suited.

In life, God is drafting us to fill certain roles as well.  When we declare we are a Christian and want to live our life for Him, He is so excited to have us on His team.  He places us in certain situations to use our talents and spiritual gifts to the fullest.  He may place us in a life situation that we don’t want to be in, but He believes we can be a good influence to those around us or that we will grow as a Christian during this trial period.

God may decide that we don’t need to be in our self-created “dream job” at this time but rather He believes we would be better suited in this particular job so that we can be a witness for Him to those around us.

God may choose us to be the parent of a child with cancer, or the sibling to a brother who is in prison, or the spouse of a workaholic husband.  But let me assure you, that whatever position God has chosen you at this time (or even if bad decisions have you in a certain situation), He will use you for a purpose that will bring honor and Glory to His team.

He is always drafting new Christians.  Some choose to be on the team.  Some decide not to.  When they choose not to, His heart breaks but He continues to pursue team members who want to do their best for the Coach.  He uses every single Christian in all kinds of situations to grow them into a better Christian and to bring others onto His team.

The ultimate goal isn’t the Super Bowl but rather perhaps a Super Bow – where we get the privilege to bow and worship our Heavenly Father for ever and ever!

Please choose today to be on God’s team and let Him coach you to be the best team member in whatever situation you find yourself.  And when you reach your ultimate goal of heaven, you will know you made the right draft day decision!