Yellow. Blue. Green. Orange. Plastic. Hard-boiled.

Shaped like characters.  Big. Little. Round. Oval.

Easter eggs.

I love a good Easter egg hunt.  I love coloring eggs and then filling plastic eggs with a dime or a nickel or a piece of candy.  But I always have one “golden” egg for my great-nephews that has a bigger prize inside…like a $5 bill.

I watch these boys look high and low for eggs.  They look under things and stretch their little legs to see over things.  They reach for the sky to feel on top of things.  They run and then tip-toe as if sneaking upon the bush will allow them to grab the egg faster.

They are so excited when they get those eggs and begin opening the plastic ones to see the gift inside.  The smiles, the laughter and the excitement just warms my heart.

Jesus is just like that in our lives.  He keeps showing Himself in all the little things of our lives.  He is waiting in the beautiful tulips in the yard. He is leaving blessings in the morning sunrise.  He is smiling on you with a full moon shining down on a snow-covered field.

He is in your morning walk and your evening meal;  in your workplace and your home.
He is leaving hints of His presence in your chance meetings and your surprise fortunes.

Yes, He is everywhere just like those Easter eggs I hide for the boys.  All we have to do is look for them.  Run, tip-toe, stretch, look, feel, open and receive.

I love those who love me and those who seek me, find me.  Proverbs 8:17.