The women of our church had a fun movie night last night watching the movie “Mom’s Night Out”.  If you haven’t seen it, you should!  It is hilarious.  It’s about 3 women who decide to have a night out and all the things that can go wrong with dads in charge of toddlers, preschoolers and teenagers.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is when the mother of three little ones is at her wit’s end  and has a chat with a new friend who is helping the women get these messes cleaned up.  He is a biker named Bones who is covered in tattoos with chains hanging from his belt.  But he is a tender soul who helps the momma see that she is too hard on herself.

She is crying and feeling sorry for herself and saying how all that she does for her husband and children and everyone else is just never enough.  She tries to fix everything and just makes a mess out of it and she is just “not enough”.  And Bones asks her the most profound question:  “Enough for Who?  Enough for You?”

He is trying to get her to realize that she has set the standard for herself at perfection and when you try to be perfect, you will never be enough for yourself.  But you need to be who God made you.  You need to be YOU.  You need to seek His will for your life and quit trying to be perfect and fix everything.

I think we all fall into this thinking at some time in our lives whether we are parents, coaches, bosses or friends.  We start feeling sorry for ourselves when things don’t go as perfect as we had conjured up in our minds they should be.  We start doubting what we can do and who we are made to be.

So STOP IT RIGHT NOW!  Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Stop worrying if you are “enough”.  You are enough!!  You go out and be who God created you to be.  You give it your best effort.  You love those kids.  You clean that house.  You coach that team.  You lead those coworkers and you have fun and do things for your friends.

Enough for who?  Maybe not enough for YOUR STANDARDS but you are a creation of God and He made you.  You are ENOUGH!  Now go be who you are called to be…….and maybe you can help someone realize they, too, are enough – just like Bones.     Emoji