Imagine how big of a dinner table we will need in heaven!!!  The Bible tells us that there is no concept of time.  We could be eating all day!!

We could be eating with famous people, war heroes, past presidents, dynamic Christian pastors.  We may be sitting next to Billy Graham or Tim Tebow.  But we may also be sitting next to someone who has murdered, raped or cheated in their past life.  We sometimes think God only accepts those WE love.  But God loves us all and as long as someone accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior and lives for Him, then God is going to give him a place at the table in heaven.  He forgives when people ask for forgiveness.

It’s easy for us to see ourselves sitting at the banquet table with “good people” but not so easy to think about those “not so good people”.  Those who have turned their lives around to live for Jesus will also be sitting with us.  It’s not easy to think about spending eternity in heaven with people we didn’t like.

But Romans 3:22-23 says “This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to ALL who believe.  There is no difference, for ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

And there is great hope because Acts 16:31 tells us that Paul explained to the jailers the simple truth of salvation:  “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.”  It really is that simple – believe in Jesus Christ.  Ask Him to be the lord of your life and begin today living for Him.

It’s so well worth it to have a seat at the table in heaven for eternity.  So if you think when you get to heaven you are going to be eating with only those who were perfect, think again.  Anyone, no matter what their past can sit at the table if they believe in Him and live for Him throughout the rest of their life.

Now scoot over because the Lord’s table could be housing even those from the Shady Bunch or those on the cover of the box of Cheaties.  Only God knows how big of a table we will need for dinner.  And EVERYONE is welcome to accept the invitation.

Have you asked Jesus into your heart?  Can we sit together at His table?