We have all kinds of alarms that signal something specific to us.

Fire alarms are sounded when smoke or fire is suspected.
Alarm clocks signal it’s time to get up and get moving.
Alarms on our phone may go off signaling a reminder to do something.
Bell alarms ring at school signaling time to end one class and go to another.
A horn may be used as an alarm to bring kids in from recess.
A long alarm sounds in a community to warn of a potential tornado.
Car alarms blare indicating someone may be touching a vehicle without permission.
Burglar alarms sound when someone is taking something that is not theirs to take.

We hear these alarms constantly.  At first we are scared and our adrenaline pumps forcing us into action to go to safety, get out of the way or move on.  We may even jump and then move quickly or find someone to help.

But after a while we become immune to alarms and may choose to ignore them or worse yet, not even hear them.  We hear car alarms all the time and they just become annoying.  Statistics show that people don’t heed the warning of fire alarms because they think it’s a false alarm and it’s not likely a fire would be in the place where they are.  People think tornado alarms are just being tested so they tend to ignore the real ones.  People think “it wouldn’t happen to me.”

When our alarm of temptation goes off, don’t ignore it.  When your conscience tells you that this is a bad thing, don’t stay put or ignore the warning signs.  If you feel your temptation alarm go off, get out quickly.  Step into action and head straight to safety into the arms of the One who can help you – Jesus.  Maybe it’s the temptation of gossip, food, alcohol, drugs or adultery.  Whatever the temptation, RUN when the alarm sounds.

Get as far away from the fire of  temptation as you can.  Physically move.  Open your Bible and read.  Get on your knees and pray.  But for heaven’s sake, don’t ignore it!!!  The alarm of temptation is the devil in disguise.  And heeding to the devil is ignoring the biggest FIRE ALARM of eternity.  Don’t ignore it.  Get to safety .  Get to the One who can save your life!

If you hear that temptation alarm today, take action.  It could seriously save your life.

Day #5 – Thankful Journey – I am thankful for beautiful weather, green grass and some down time.

Day #5 – Kindness Journey – Give a treat to a furry friend today.  If you don’t have a pet, consider donating to the local Humane Society.  A list of needed items is probably on their website.