You may know that I have been writing a series of ABC’s for titles of blogs.  Today is “F”.  I had been thinking of all kinds of things that I could use – Football, Faith, Future, etc.

But as I was watching the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets football game on September 11, I found the title for the blog – FDNY.  It was embroidered on the hats of the coaching staff for both teams.

FDNY stands for Fire Department of New York.  The coaches wore those hats to remind us of those brave fire fighters who risked or gave their lives on September 11, 2001.  I can’t believe it’s been 15 years.

Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001?  Most people do.

That day our country came together like I had never seen before.  We were truly One Nation Under God fighting against evil.  We heard stories of people who began trusting God because they knew they had been protected.  We heard stories of people trusting in God because they needed HOPE and God offered that.  Our nation became stronger and supported “in God we trust” as prayer vigils were held across the entire country for weeks.

People wore red, white and blue proudly and flew the stars and stripes at every chance possible.  We put yellow ribbons on our cars, in our yards, around our trees and on our clothing.  No one cared what race we were, where we worked or how much money we had.  All we cared about was clinging together as Americans; supporting each other and fighting the bad guys.

There’s a lot of disrespect going on right now in this country and a lot of anger and hurt, desperation and evil.  We need to remember 9/11, FDNY and New York.  We need to remember all those who risked their lives that day as well as all the families who lost their loved ones in that scared act of terrorism.

It’s time to stop fighting among ourselves and remember the country we live in gives us freedom – freedom of speech and freedom of actions for what we believe –  but don’t you dare disrespect the flag of the country that came together in the midst of evil because when you do, you not only disrespect our country and those who fight for freedom and against evil every day but you also disrespect God and I won’t keep quiet for that.

Jesus loves us all.  Let’s love Him and thank Him for the wonderful opportunity to live in the great United States of America.

Thank you NFL for reminding us of the day our country REMEMBERED it was one nation under God and begged for Him to help us get through it!  Let’s just pray for those IN the NFL to remember it as well!