In the last post I wrote, I talked about walking in God’s footsteps following the path He has set for us.

In order to do that, we need to ask God “where do you want me to go?”  We ask God to guide our footsteps so that we can do what He has planned for us.  But if we ask God to guide our footsteps, we have to be willing to move our feet.  We can’t expect God to do ALL the work.  He has equipped us to do His will.  We just have to be willing to move our feet.

Sometimes we get a little scared to ask God to lead us because we are afraid He won’t lead us on the path WE WANT to go.  Seems silly doesn’t it?  Not being able to trust the One who already knows the path?

Trusting God gives us so much freedom – freedom from worry; freedom from having to figure it out ourselves.  Trusting God leaves us feelin’ free!!!

So here’s the Equation for Success:

1)  Being willing to move your feet when you ask God to guide your footsteps PLUS 2)  trusting God so you can be free from worry  EQUALS =  Foot Loose and Feelin’ Free!

WHEW……….I feel like I could walk on air!Emoji  Or Clouds!  Emoji  or do the Moon Walk! Emoji

Just foot loose and feelin’ free!