I get so aggravated at how much it costs to get a pop with a meal.  I ordered lunch yesterday and it was $7 without a drink and was going to be almost $10 with a drink!!  That’s crazy.  Morgan and I don’t drink much pop at all but Kiersten loves her Diet Coke® and Roger likes sweet tea.  But if we all drink water, you can just figure up how much cheaper the restaurant bill is for a family of four!!

However, if you get free refills, it seems worth it.  Just seeing that fountain pop machine available for return as many times as you want is enticing in itself.  You can drink a whole glassful and then return for more.  You can even fill up the to-go cup and take it with you.  Now that’s getting your money’s worth!!

That’s what we can get from Jesus.  We can sit down and read His word and pray and be so full of joy and hope!  Then we go out into the world or turn on the television and watch the news and feel empty again.  But just like the free-refill pop machine, you can go back for more.  You can open your Bible and read more!  You can pray more!  You can worship more!  You can sing more!

Jesus says, “Keep coming back.  I will refill your spirit as much as you can take.  I will never run out of joy, hope, peace, love….”

It’s free for the taking.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  Jesus offers freedom and peace and joy for FREE.  All you have to do is follow Him.  You can have as much of Him as you want forever.  It’s free refills.  Why wouldn’t anyone want that??

Today, set aside pride.  Set aside problems.  Set aside anger.  Set aside bitterness, unforgiveness, disappointment and hurt.  And go get free refills of peace, joy, forgiveness, love and hope.  It’s crazy not to take Jesus up on His offer – eternal salvation with free refills of joy, love, hope and encouragement everyday!