It’s funny how sometimes friends of the famous people get so much attention that they end up being famous, too!  Sometimes people are so intrigued by the friends of the famous that they think if they can just be friends with the friends then they can get to the famous.

Take Oprah Winfrey’s friend, Gayle.  Everyone knew Gayle because she was Oprah’s friend.  She wasn’t famous.  She was Oprah’s friend.  Of course now she is a morning television show host but before that, she was just known as “Oprah’s friend”.

I don’t know why our worldly minds want to be friends with the rich and famous so badly.  We meet a band member of a famous singer and feel like we are sooooo close to meeting the famous singer.  We meet the agent of the athlete and feel we are so close to meeting the athlete.  We meet the brother of the famous actor and feel like we are so close to meeting the actor.

We are intrigued with meeting the friends of the rich and famous thinking they are our key to meeting the actual one who is rich and famous.

I know someone who wants to meet you and He is the friend of the rich and famous.  He, himself, may be labeled rich because He owns it all.  He may be labeled famous because He is in control of everything.  He can get you into heavenly places that no one else can.  He knows the author of the #1 best selling book of all times and He is in control of the entire universe.  His name is Jesus.  He would love to meet you and have a relationship with you.  His wealth is in His love and His popularity is in His actions.  Feel free to meet not only the One who knows all about the rich and famous but the One who created them.  He really does want to be your friend!