Do you know the story of Joseph and his brothers?

Joseph’s brothers were very jealous of him and they plotted to kill him, take the special coat his father gave him, dip it in blood, and tell their father a wild animal had attacked him.  But Reuben, one of the brothers, talked the others out of killing him and just placing him in an empty cistern to die, all the while, planning to come back and rescue him.

But the dirty scheme took an interesting turn.  Just like a good movie.

Between the time the scheming brothers left Joseph to die and Reuben returned to rescue him, Midianite merchants came by and pulled Joseph from the cistern, sold him to the Ishmaelites who took him to Egypt.

The story progresses from here and eventually Joseph was elevated to be in charge of all of Egypt!  During the famine,  Joseph’s brothers traveled to Egypt to purchase grain and were scared once they find out Joseph was in charge.

But Joseph forgave them and gave them more than their share of grain.  Why?  Because Joseph loved his family and God was with him helping him sort through love and forgiveness.  He didn’t plot revenge but gave forgiveness.

When bad things happen and people seem to get away with evil, don’t fret and don’t scheme.  Forgive.  And let God handle it.

Who do you need to forgive?  Pull them out of the cistern and walk to the foot of the cross.  Jesus will meet you there.