Divorce is a terrible thing for anyone to have to go through.  Thankfully I haven’t had to experience it myself directly or with my parents or in-laws.  I have had to go through it with friends and I know that when children are involved it is very tough on the kids.

I read a book one time where the judge split custody of the kids between the parents but ordered the kids to live in the family home and the parents had to split their time between the family home and an apartment.  If the kids were to be with a particular parent on Tuesday and Thursday and every other weekend, then the  parent moved in and out of the family home where the kids were permanently staying.  It was very hard on the parents moving here and there between the two locations.  Of course, this story had a happy ending and the parents realized how hard it was moving between locations and how much they missed each other.  Their paths kept crossing by continuing to “live” in the same house and apartment and they reconciled before the finality of the divorce.

God realizes how much happier you are when you get to see Him everyday, too.  He doesn’t just want custody of you on Sundays and a day or two throughout the week.  He knows how hard life is going to be each and every day and He wants to be a part of your day……….all day, every day.  Start your day out with Him.  Talk to Him throughout the day – even if just a short talk now and then.  And end your day with Him.  It makes for a much easier life……..full custody……..every day……..not just on Sundays. Emoji