I saw this saying on the window of a Jeep® vehicle the other day:

Get In.
Sit Down.
Shut Up.
Hold On.

I laughed as I read it and started imagining the driver of the Jeep taking charge of his/her vehicle advising the passenger who was in control.

Imagine:  At first the driver invites the passenger in for a ride.  The driver instructs the passenger to sit down and get their seat belt on and get comfortable.  Then there is a strict warning to the passenger to keep their mouth closed and not be telling the driver how to operate the vehicle.  Then the last part seems encouraging and exciting – hold on for the best and most exciting ride of your life.

How fun to be in an open-top vehicle on a beautiful fall day sitting back and enjoying someone else being in charge of the journey!!

God is kind of like that, too.  He invites us to come and live this amazing life with Him and all He has in store for us.  He is offering us this awesome Jeep ride of a lifetime.  It’s a life with him that will never ever end!

But when we accept the invitation and agree to go with Him forever, we have to “shut up” and let Him drive.  We can’t control the wheel or be the “back seat driver” or tell him which route to take.  We have to trust Him and hold on for the perfect ride. And this ride with Jesus will last forever.

It’s hard to imagine but life with Jesus NEVER ends.  It’s a Jeep ride, beautiful sun, wind blowing through your hair, exhilarating speeds and endless joy,,,  forever.  Why would we settle for anything  less?   Why would we even think about controlling His plan for this journey?

He’s offering this to us today.  Won’t you get in, sit down, shut up and hold on for a journey of a lifetime with the Driver of Eternity?  It’s going to be exciting!