It always seems when I am in a hurry or have a plan that something gets in my way to slow me down.  I was trying to get to the church in our little town and because of the local fireman’s picnic, there was a fire truck blocking the road I was hoping to turn down.  I tried to go another way and orange cones blocked my way.

I was on my way to work and large flashing barricades blocked the way as the utility department was fixing a water pipe.  It caused me to go around my normal path to work and add a few extra seconds to my commute.  I just wanted to go around the barricade that was in my way.  I would promise to be careful but it was not possible.

I’m sure you’ve all encountered the dreaded orange barrels as you travel.  It seems they set those up miles before where the actual work on the road or bridge is being conducted.  I just want to move the ones that I feel in the first few miles are useless so that traffic moves faster.

Why do those things bother me so badly?  Because I have an agenda and am on a time schedule and don’t want anything to get in my way.  Obstacles slow me down or cause me to go a different direction and that’s not in my plan!

But sometimes those obstacles may be put there for a purpose.  The fire truck was protecting items that had been set up for the festival; the flashing barricades were protecting those working on the water line as well as those traveling not to drive into a hole; and  the orange barrels were protecting those working on the highway.

They were a warning that danger was in front of me and the obstacles were actually protecting ME from hurting someone.  God uses the same theory today.  When our lives don’t go as planned and something blocks our way, know that God has put up this barricade or this obstacle to bring us closer to Him.  It’s not to aggravate us or cause us pain; it’s actually to bring rest and cause us to lean on Him and trust in Him.

The next time you are tempted to move something out of the way or find yourself getting aggravated at those obstacles, stop and thank God for His way and try to find peace in those obstacles that actually lead us back to Him.

Proverbs 3:5 – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.