Have you ever seen a toddler grab a hold of something small that fits into their hand and they wrap their little fingers tightly around it and won’t let go?  We may try to pry those little fingers open but they seem to just hold tight to their treasure.  They kick and scream to control what they believe is theirs to keep.  But we believe what they deem treasure may not be good for them.

When we try to control things in our lives that God is supposed to be in charge of, we act just like that toddler.  We hold tight to our “thing” – whether it is our child, a bad relationship, an unhealthy habit, financial distress or painful sin.  We wrap our little fingers around that thing and are bent on holding it so tight and not letting it go to anyone – especially God.

We think we know what’s best. We think we are in control.  But what we are doing may be harmful to us.  Jesus won’t pry your fingers open and MAKE you give it up.  But He is standing there with his nail-scarred hands cupped together waiting for you to give it up to Him so that He can make all things right; so that He can give you His best; so that He can hold your little hand in His and walk you to freedom in Him.

Won’t we just let go and give it to Him.  Whatever it is.  You know yours.  I know mine.  Release the tension in your fingers.  Open your hand.  Drop it.  Let Him take it.  He’s going to use it to bring glory to Him and freedom to you.  He’s looking at us with gentle, loving eyes and pleading with us in His soft, reassuring voice,  “Give it to me.  I will handle it.”

Let’s do it together.  One step at a time.  Relax. Open. Release.