When our daughters played basketball, I remember the coach walking up and down the floor in front of the bench during play.  Sometimes he would be looking at the floor and watching play and other times he would be looking at the girls for the chosen one to put in the game.

Those girls sitting out at the time would be on the edge of the bench looking directly at the coach praying he would say their name followed by “get in there” or “go get ’em” or something that would signal to them, it was their time to go.  It’s like that song, “Put me in, Coach. I’m ready to play.  Today.”

It’s what they practiced for.  It’s what they waited for.  Sitting on the edge of their seat and being told – whether in word or action – “it’s time.  Go get ’em.”

It’s exactly what Jesus is doing today.  He’s seated at the right hand of the Father and just sitting on the edge of His seat waiting for God to tell Him to come and get us.

It’s what He came to earth for… to be beaten to death and to raise again so that we  can live in Heaven forever with Him.  It’s hard to understand but we must believe and have faith and hope.

In Matthew 24:36, Jesus talks about the end of time when He will return to take those who live for Christ into heaven.  “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son (Jesus) but only the Father (God).”   He warns us to keep watch and live every day for Christ because when Jesus comes back to get us, it is going to be unexpected.  Matthew 24:40-41 tells us that two people will be working and minding their own business and when Christ comes back to take those who believe, the believer will be taken up to heaven and the unbeliever left behind.

We need to practice and live everyday for Christ.  We need to be ready at all times.  Jesus is ready.  Jesus is waiting and watching just like we should be so that when God says, “it’s time.  Go get ’em”,  we will be ready to go.  Are YOU ready?