Each year for the last several years I have chosen a word to be my “theme” for the year.  This year I chose SIMPLIFY.  On January 1 I woke up feeling a little unsettled.  And I kept singing that song, “I surrender all” over and over.  I don’t even really like that song.  Why am I singing it?

Did I have a dream?  Why is that song and that word so heavy on my mind?  As the morning went on that word SURRENDER would not go away.  So I stopped my morning routine of “work as fast as you can to be productive” and just sat….quietly…and prayed.

I asked God why I had that word on my mind.  And I believe He revealed to me that SIMPLIFY is my word for the year but I needed a second “S” word and that was SURRENDER.  I felt Him telling me that I have made my life so complicated by trying to control so many things that the word SIMPLIFY was a natural choice for a word to help me improve.  But the natural choice word needed a spiritual choice word – SURRENDER.

I need to surrender my worries, my control, my manipulation of trying to make things turn out how I think is best for everyone; my obsession with trying to protect everyone from harm.   God told me to SURRENDER in order to SIMPLIFY.

So this year my word for 2018 is actually an equation.  SIMPLIFY+SURRENDER=PEACE.

Yes, Lord, I’m going to try really hard to SURRENDER ALL so that I may have a more simplified life in order to feel Your peace every day.