I was decorating my office for Christmas and pulled out one of my favorite Christmas pieces.  It is a figurine of a horse-drawn sleigh filled with packages and a tree.  I always imagine this little sleigh being guided by a sweet couple heading to their cabin to decorate their tree and prepare for Christmas.  It was a very inexpensive little figurine but I have had it for years and it just brings a little smile to my face when I put it out each year.

Well this year I dropped it as I unwrapped it and it broke into several pieces, a few of which were tiny, shattered pieces.  I gasped as I picked it up and realized it could not be mended.  There were several bigger pieces that could possibly be glued together but a few of the pieces were smaller and shattered and it just wasn’t going to work.  I could not glue the pieces back to create the original figurine.

It reminded me of this saying I read in the Stronger Bible study by Angela Thomas.  It said, “God can mend a broken heart.  He just has to have all the pieces.”

How many times do we ask God to help us mend our broken heart, our broken relationships, our broken finances but we don’t give him all the pieces.  We keep a few pieces back because we think we can handle that part of the situation or we are embarrassed to give it to Him or we think it is just too shattered to be repaired.

God can do it!  He’s in the repair business.  He can mend our broken hearts.  We just have to give him ALL the pieces.  What are you holding back today?  What are you asking God to fix but you haven’t completely given Him all the pieces?

As we head into the Christmas season, give Him the best gift of all… your whole life; your whole trust; all the pieces.  Let Jesus put it back together piece by piece – good as new or maybe even better!