Sometimes we tend to do things part-way and consider it “good enough”.

What does that mean?  Good enough?  Good enough for what?  Good enough for who?  Who determines “good enough”?

If a surgeon is operating on us, we wouldn’t want him to say “that’s good enough” during the procedure.

If I am paying someone to service my car, I would not be happy when I pick up the car if the attendant says “I think it’s good enough”.

I would be a little nervous if I am at the dental office and the dentist “numbs me up” and says “I think that’s good enough”.

Yet when doing things ourselves, we sometimes get caught up in the “good enough” syndrome.  But we should be people of excellence.  People of integrity.  People of honesty.

We want God to handle our situations with perfection – not just “good enough”.  We want people to give us their best – not just “good enough”.

Today as you read this and go about your activities, look to be a person of integrity, honesty and excellence.  God doesn’t want “good enough”.  He wants your best.  We aren’t perfect but we can give our best to the God who sent His son to DIE for us.  I sure am glad God’s plans are perfect and not just “good enough for who it’s for”!