What is that?  Good old-fashioned conversation?

It’s where you sit in the same room with someone and look at them and talk.  Yes that’s correct.  Words come out of each other’s mouth while the other listens and you engage in conversation face to face.  No cell phone.  No texting.  No Instagram.  No Facebook.  No Snapchat.

I was in a restaurant this week and looked around at all the people on their cell phones.  Families weren’t talking but were all on their devices.  If a child starts fussing, we don’t try to make them laugh.  No, we give them an electronic device.  Our 2-year children can find the app to play the game on the adult’s cell phone faster than we can.

We’ve lost the art of good old-fashioned, face-to-face conversation with others.  The suggestion for today is to make a difference to those you are with – to be present, in the moment, cell phone put away and just talk and listen and have a good old-fashioned conversation.

Who’s with me?