Grab A Hairbrush And An Extension Cord!

I sing in the car every morning on the way to work.  I sing at home while cleaning.  I sing when outside mowing.  I just love to sing.  And I gotta admit, when I am singing with Tim and Faith, Carrie Underwood or Lauren Daigle I sound pretty doggone good.  The louder the radio, the better I sound!  I know if any one of them heard me, they would want to sign me up immediately to go on tour with them……or at least be their back up singer!

Singing makes me happy.  Singing makes me smile!  I have always loved to sing and I’m not that good at it but I pretend that I am.  When I was little, my parents bought me a Donnie & Marie record player that had a microphone!  I really could have been the 8th Osmond…..just sayin’.  And when I put Olivia Newton John’s big ole vinyl album on Mom’s gigantic stereo turn table and grabbed the extension cord taped to a hairbrush, there was no stopping me!  I was headed for a record deal!

Of course I’m just kidding and Nashville hasn’t called yet but I do love to sing.  My daughter, Morgan is the same way.  Now we use the Bluetooth® device and put music on and dance around the kitchen, singing at the top of our lungs!  Making memories!

I hope you can start your weekend out with a song and that you can find reason to dance all weekend long!  Roll down the windows; turn up the tunes and grab a hairbrush.  Today is the day to feel joy and relaxation!!   Go ahead … belt it out!

2 thoughts on “Grab A Hairbrush And An Extension Cord!

  1. Laurie H.

    Oh….your post today brought back fun memories of doing the same but with a hairbrush in front of the mirror!! What I would give to have a voice like Carrie Underwood or Lauren Diagle!! I’ve been teased by my family when I sing but they do it lovingly most of the time. LOL. Singing in the car is a favorite thing of mine when I’m alone! Music speaks to my soul!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and personal stories. God bless.


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