The large pine trees were swaying so strongly it seemed they were flirting with the ground.

The illuminated American flag cracked with every sharp whip.

Mature tree limbs snapped as they were tugged past their limit.

That wind was strong as it caused my car to sway back and forth between the highway lines.  I saw garbage cans sailing through fields and plastic toys tumbling through yards.

Things just flopping around whichever way the wind took them.

It reminded me of our society today.  One day people are supporting a cause and the next day the same cause is taboo.  People just flop around through life going whichever way the loudest voice leads them.  And unfortunately that voice is sometimes the voice of evil.

Before we know it, we have been blown so far away from the voice of truth that we stand in a wide open field alone.  We may find ourselves sinking in a pit of miry clay or drowning in a sea of brokenness.

But the Voice of Truth is there waiting to calm our storm.  He’s not blowing from one thing to the next dragging us out to destruction.  No.  Jesus is waiting with strong arms to keep us safe from the chaotic wind that can snap us and flop us around in wishy washy lies.

He reached out and pulled Peter from sinking in the water when Peter took his eyes off Jesus.
He healed the sick and diseased and caused the blind to see.
For goodness sakes, you all, He rose from the dead!

Yes. The same Jesus who did all those miracles can bring us back from the outskirts of where we have been blown by the worldly wind.  Grab His hand.  Pull yourself back up.  Let Him lead you to solid ground.

He’s not floppin’ around in the wind.  He controls the wind.  He is the captain. I want to hold His hand during the storms of my life.  I hope you do, too.