The friends we surround ourselves with change a lot through life.  We may have had one best friend in elementary school, a core group of friends in high school, a group of friends in college and then another group of friends in our adult lives.

We have friends who are parents of our kids’ friends in various activities.  We have church friends and club friends, work friends and family friends.

But sometimes friends change because life changes and we just grow apart.  We didn’t mean for it to happen.  Someone takes on a new job and we promise to stay in touch.  We do really well for the first few months and then life gets in the way and we just grow apart.

High school and college friends move to different parts of the state or country or even the world.  We promise, with all of today’s technology, to stay in touch with them but time creeps in, life gets busy and we grow apart.

I still have a few close friends from high school, college and other aspects of past life that I stay in touch with.  But it’s not as easy as it was when we saw each other every day, lived together or worked at the same company.  We have to be intentional.  We have to make the effort to stay in touch and plan lunch, dinner and weekend get aways.

Our life with Christ has to be the same way.  We accept Him as our Savior, our closest friend.  We start out talking to Him and learning about Him every day.  We trust Him and are so excited with this friendship.  We vow to never let time or distance come between us.  Then we realize life crept in.  We grew apart.  We stopped making time to spend together.

He didn’t move.  We did.

Don’t let your relationship with God go stale or grow apart.  Find the time to spend with Him every day, off and on all day.  You will learn new things about Him.  You will find He’s always there.  And no matter what, He’s always got your back.  Don’t grow apart…grow back together.

And by the way, any of my high school or college or previous work friends reading this…call me because we HAVE to get something on the calendar!  Who do you need to call today?