Have you ever been to a Home-a-rama event ?  I’ve never been to one but want to try to go this year.  From what I understand it is a tour of very nice homes where people can “dream” and get ideas for decorating their own homes.  The majority of the time, I think the homes are multi-million dollar homes or at least very expensive homes, that are on perfect display.

It’s like looking at a home magazine where all accessories are color coordinated and perfectly placed.  Dining room tables are set like royalty is preparing to eat.  Bedrooms are decorated as if Sleeping Beauty resides there.  Living rooms are designed as sitting rooms only.

I am thinking past Home-a-rama and looking to Heaven-a-rama where the streets are gold.  The tables are set for a feast.  There is no need for a bedroom because there will be no need for rest.  There will be the biggest celebration room where we will be worshiping the Lord non-stop.  The  music room will have the most beautiful grand piano and harps playing heavenly music all the time with angelic voices singing all day long.

There will be no need to run the sweeper or do dishes.  There will be no dust bunnies or bathrooms to clean.  There will only be endless days of joy and being in awe of our surroundings.

I plan to go to a Home-a-rama event soon and while I am gazing upon the beauty of the luxurious homes, I will secretly be thinking of how that décor would look in my Heaven-a-rama home!!