Last night I decided to get in the hot tub as the perfect ending to a great extended weekend of a few days off work and an overabundance of basketball!  I had no idea how beautiful it was outside until I sunk down in that hot water and turned my eyes to the sky.

It was absolutely gorgeous!  A splattering of bright stars.  Some big.  Some small clusters.  I spotted all the common formations of stars in the sky.  Even a shooting star graced the big stage.  The sky and all the stars just seemed so massive.  It was breath-taking!

Then I remembered there was a verse in the Bible about stars and I wondered if I could find it.  Guess what?  I opened my Bible to a page that was marked with a narrow,  yellow, satin ribbon from who knows when and I was covered in chills.  It was the exact verse I was thinking about!!

Isaiah 40:26:  Lift your eyes and look to the heavens:  Who created all these?  He who brings out the starry hosts one by one, and calls them each by name.  Because of His great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.

God made every single star and he even named them!  We worry so much about each and every day and all the details of the day, but God gave me a beautiful and gentle reminder that He is in control of every single situation in my life.  He is so into the details of life that He decided to not only make the stars for us to enjoy but he decided to name them as well.

Here’s to the One who knows all, sees all, is in control of all……..and even names it all!  He is in the details.  Let the all-powerful One take your little stars of worry into His hands today and work out the details.  Let Him have the dread, the aches, the worry, the future.  We just need to sit back and take in the beauty as He handles it all… name by name and detail by detail.