As I sit in my porch swing on my patio having my quiet time and reading my devotions, I just have to stop and write…

I love living where I live.  I love my little home on the farm.  I have privacy in the back of my house as I listen to birds chirping and the neighbor’s cows mooing.  It’s the wonderful voice of a beautiful day.  There’s just enough chill in the air and crispness to my breath to remind me it’s morning.

The sun is rising quickly.  The blue sky is flawless.  The signs of freshly mowed grass, fields of sprouting corn and blankets of rich green soybeans are all indicative of the great rural area in which I live.  There’s enough traffic on the highway to let me know I’m not alone but not enough to cause angry drivers to rant and rave with honking horns.

My flowers are blooming- hinting that is it still early summer! haha  The humming bird feeder sits alive with red sweet liquid waiting for the once-a-day siting of the little fluttering creature.  The wind chimes stand still as if they are resting and, too enjoying this beautiful summer morning.

What a wonderful gift from God.  A beautiful summer morning in Indiana.  Today, no matter what, I will choose to be thankful for the wonderful gifts He has given me.  I hope you can have a quiet time somewhere today, if only for a few minutes, to breathe in the blessings of God’s wonderful gifts – no matter where you call home sweet home.