You walk into a nice restaurant that is known for good food and a relaxing atmosphere.  You ask for a table and the host points to a small area up front with a folding table and chairs and a charcoal grill.   She says, “You can have this area up front where you can set up your own table and grill your own hot dogs if you want to be seated right now.  Or you can wait a little bit and we have a large table in the corner overlooking the ocean where you can have a steak dinner which also includes an appetizer and dessert.”

Which would you prefer?  Which would you take?   Why would we settle for the little folding table and hot dogs when we can wait a bit and get the quiet table with an amazing view and outstanding food?  I’m guessing most of us would wait a bit to have the corner table overlooking the ocean that includes a steak dinner and dessert.

In thinking about this example, sometimes this is how we act with God.  He has saved the corner table with the amazing view and the over-the-top dinner for us but we get impatient and say “I want it now” so we settle for the folding table and hot dog meal.

Psalm 27:14 – Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

God know what’s best.  He offers us freedom in Him.  He has the best waiting for us.  Let’s wait patiently on Him to accept the best table with the best view eating the best food.  Don’t settle for anything less than God’s best.   We need to quit trying to fix IT on our own (whatever your IT is) and coming up short.  Today, I am going to give up fixing hot dogs on my own and wait on the Lord’s outstanding “dining experience.”  You know – the best!