You’ve seen those retractable leashes people use when walking dogs, right?  The leash is attached to the dog’s collar and the dog has freedom to roam until the leash holder pushes the button to stop the tension in the line which in turn halts the dog from moving further away.

Our daughter uses one of those when walking her dog in an area that is unfamiliar or filled with people where she is nervous her dog may take off from her sight.  He doesn’t like this leash, especially when the tension is retracted and he loses his freedom to roam.

We don’t like it either when we are moving further away from the Lord and He puts something in our spirit that says “stop, don’t go there.”  We argue and fight and tug and pull wanting to go our own way.  But something inside us says “don’t do that”, “don’t go there”, “hold up”.

It’s God speaking to us through the Holy Spirit keeping us on track and keeping us close to Him and out of the danger of the devil’s ways.  Sometimes though we are so dead set on going our own direction that we keep tugging and pulling and break the leash and do our own thing.  Ah hah….free will.  But just like the dog, when the fun is over and we get scared, we eventually come running back trying to find our master.

If you’re struggling today knowing that you are heading in a direction that you are feeling pulled deep down not to go, stop right now and let the Lord retract you right back to Him.  You’re never too far gone to come back to the Master.