Toddlers.  They think they can do everything themselves.  They see older kids and adults doing it and they want to do it, too.  And as parents or caretaking adults, we let them do it… until we can no longer take it and patience runs out and we have to help them.

Brushing teeth is a great example.  Toddlers want to brush their own teeth but they aren’t capable of giving every tooth a good cleaning.  They end up with toothpaste slobber all over the sink as their little chins barely reach the counter.

Feeding themselves is another example.  It’s okay to let them try and learn the skill of putting the food on the spoon and coordinating getting the food IN the mouth.  But when the SpaghettiO’s are in the hair and scraping the ear lobe, enough is enough!  We take over and help with the process.

I’m sure you are imagining this scenario as something you have experienced a time or two.  But are you also imagining God shaking His head in agreement as He thinks about us acting the same way?  Yes, we do act the same way in our adult lives.

We come across a situation or a problem and decide we can do it ourselves.  We start manipulating situations and doing it our own way and end up making a big ole slobbery mess of things.

God is waiting patiently the whole time, knowing that He could step in and help but He wants us to learn to feed ourselves through His word.  He wants us to learn that He is there to help us – waiting in the shadows with a big toothbrush and a wet washcloth.

Why do we think we can do it ourselves?  What are you trying to handle on your own that you need to put down the stubbornness and let God have it?   We have to trust in Him.  He knows the right way and no matter how far off the path we stray, He has the power to get things back on track and clean it up.

I wonder if He shakes His head and says to the heavens, “When will she realize she can’t do this herself”?  Today – let’s give it up and realize we can’t do it ourselves.  Let the One who knows it all take it and do it right!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. – Proverbs 3:5-6