My friend introduced me to the V8 VFusion® Energy drink.  Now I start my day with one of these delicious flavors each morning.  They have a wonderful natural sweet taste.  They absolutely get me through the day with the green tea additive (that thankfully you cannot taste) and the added benefit of a combined serving of vegetable and fruit. I usually add a couple drops of grapefruit oil as a detox and drink the whole can in a matter of a couple of minutes.

How can one 8 ounce drink be so full of so many good and healthy natural things AND give you energy to get through the day?!  How awesome is that?!

Reminds me of starting my day with quiet time each morning.  I’m thankful that my friend introduced me to Jesus years ago just like a friend introduced me to the V8 energy drink.

I’m thankful I get to start my day off each morning with devotions and Bible readings that show me how wonderful and sweet Jesus is.

My morning devotions and prayer time is absolutely what gets me through my day.  If there are days I start out running the race of the demands of the day and forget to start with quiet time, I tire out pretty quickly.  But when I start out my day with a few minutes of worship and quiet time, it gives me energy for the whole day!

And what better results than to also get a serving of fruit with the energy drink?!  Just like starting my day with scripture reading, I get to be filled with fruits of the Spirit.

The V8 energy drink costs about $1 a can.  The relationship with Jesus is free for the asking.  He already paid the price for us.

Start your day with a little quiet time.  Drink in the blessings of what Jesus has to offer.  And be energized all day long radiating those fruits of the Spirit to everyone.

Here’s to Energy for the day!