Remember when we were younger and it was time for the designated captains to pick their teams on the playground?  Everyone stood in anticipation of being picked.  You never wanted to be the last one picked.

The last one picked feels sad and unwanted.  The last one picked feels worthless.  The last one picked knows they were on the team just because they were left – not because they were looked at as valuable.

I remember that feeling.  Were you ever the last one picked?  Or were you one of the ones who got to do the picking?  Or one of the ones who got picked first?  Every person knows one of these feelings – the sadness of being chosen last; the control of being the leader or the exhilaration of being the one picked first.

When we are preparing for the day or going through a situation, where does God fall into that order?  Do we pick Him first?  Or do we choose every other option and go to Him when there’s nothing or no one left?  Is He left feeling unwanted or worthless?  Or do we show Him we trust Him to lead the way?  Do we let Him know how valuable He is?

Think about it today…..  whatever you are going through…..  and pick Him….. first.