In today’s world of technology and credit cards, we see all kinds of tricksters hacking into electronic accounts and stealing people’s identities.  I have heard of people having false tax returns filed in their names; thousands of dollars charged on a stolen credit card within minutes; credit lines ruined in a matter of hours…………all due to sneaky, slimy thieves who spend more time being deceptive than trying to get a real job and do some good in this world.

That’s the devil prowling around. He is stealing people’s identities and being deceptive.  He shows up in what seems like the coolest of places and the most exciting and fun things.  He disguises himself and once he lures you in, sadness, depression, hurt and pain rear their ugly head and he is right there laughing in the background.  He is the joker in the deck of cards.  He is the murderer of dreams.  He is the salt in the wound.  He is the bottle to the alcoholic.  He is the liar in the story. He is the villain in the fairy tale.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.  I Peter 5:8. 

Don’t let him steal your joy.  Don’t let him steal your goodness. Don’t let him steal your peace.  Don’t let him steal WHO you are.  He is an identity thief and he wants nothing more than to be God.  Don’t let his disguise fool you.  We protect our identity with one of the trusted protection companies.  We should do the same with our Christian identity.  God is the protection.  His word the shield and answer to everything.

Just like you protect your credit cards and driver’s license, hold tight to your identity in Christ.  Be careful……….the little thief is prowling around just waiting to strike!