I have tried for years to lose weight.  I have this number that I want to see on the scales and I just can’t seem to get there.  I get closer and then something happens that I start gaining my weight back.

I guess I just love to eat.  I love chocolate.  I love sugar.  I love pizza and chips and donuts.  I love salad, too but I cannot live on salad alone!

And I like to walk. I like to ride my bike.  But I don’t seem to do enough of it to compensate for my overeating.

I’ve tried everything………the program where you meet weekly and weigh in and watch your calories; the program where you don’t eat carbs or sugar; the program where you eat certain things on certain days; the program where you eat combinations of certain food at certain times; and the one where you eat 6 times a day – the one I liked the best – but I couldn’t eat what I WANTED 6 times a day!!  hahahha

I just don’t seem to be able to get it all together.  The funny thing is that I am a goal setter and most of the time I can set a goal and make it happen.  I make lists each day and then get much satisfaction from being productive and marking things off my list.  So why is it that I can’t reach my goal for weight loss?  What is keeping me from being successful?

I think I’ve figured it out.  I’ve tried and tried on my own.  I’ve read books.  I’ve searched the internet.  I’ve talked to many successful people who have lost weight.  I’ve tried all the diets even appetite suppressant vitamins.  But I have NEVER truly asked God to help me.  Oh I have asked and then said, “never mind.  I’ll do it on my own”.  It’s that control issue.  I want to be in control and I do NOT want to give up this control to anyone – even God.  Food has a stronghold on my life.  It may sound weird but I think it’s true.

I have tried and tried and not been successful.  I think it’s time to turn it over to the Lord and ask Him what is it that He really wants me to do.  How does He want me to lose weight so that I can honor my body as His temple?

What is it that you are not able to do on your own but you keep trying?  What do you need to turn over to the Lord?  Romans 8:31 says, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”  No matter how hard we try to do it on our own, God is the only One who can help us.  If He is for us and wants us to succeed, nothing or no one can succeed against Him.  Food is not stronger than God.  Unforgiveness is not stronger than God.  Hurt is not stronger than God.

So today, let’s give it up………..whatever IT is and let God take it and help us.  Because if at first you don’t succeed, pray and pray again!  He is for us and is just waiting for our prayer of surrender!