In 2005 we took a family trip out west.   We visited Mount Rushmore, stayed on a dude ranch in  Wyoming, rode horses in the mountains and saw buffalo in Yellowstone National Park.

We saw Old Faithful Geyser, climbed the rocks on Needles Highway, fed wild burrows in Custer Park, watched hot air balloons in Jackson Hole, visited water falls in Idaho and watched a remake of a shootout in Deadwood.

In Yellowstone National Park, we saw a grizzly bear, a black bear, tons of elk, herds of buffalo, many prong horn deer, mountain goats, and even a guy that looked like Forest Gump at the end of his long run across America.  But we could not find a moose.

We would joke and roll down our windows as we drove through woods, hills and parks calling out as if we were calling for a puppy, “here little Moose.  Where are you little Moose?”  Our slogan for the trip became “If I Were a Moose, where would I be?”

We speculated we would get to see a moose while visiting this park, or this mountain area or this body of water or along this path.  We could not find a moose.  And then….we stopped… and asked… a ranger.  “Where would be the best place to see a moose?”

And low and behold in the beautiful valley of the scenery in the Grand Tetons, there he was!  Glaring at us as if to say, “duh, here I am.  I’ve been here the whole time.”  We were so happy to finally see our moose!  To this day, when we are looking for something and can’t find it, we go to the old faithful question:  If I Were A Moose, Where Would I Be?

What are you looking for today?  Peace, contentment, joy, love, acceptance?   A friend who knows all and loves you anyway?  Someone who can save you from yourself?  Someone who will wrap their arms around you and show you the way?

Stop and ask for direction in the Word of God.  He will lead you.  And when you get there, He will be waiting right there looking directly into your eyes saying “I’ve been here the whole time.  Come to me.”  You don’t have to look anymore.  Jesus is standing in the valley, in your lowest of lows, and on the mountain top in your highest of highs.  He’s waiting.  No more moose hunting.

If I Were A Moose, Where Would I Be?  In the loving arms of Jesus.  Have a great day, and I hope you find your blessed moose.