• Your coworker ticks you off, so you gather around the water cooler to vent.
  • Your friend doesn’t include you so you take to Facebook for sympathy.
  • Your kid doesn’t make the baseball team so you gather with similar parents to badmouth the coach.
  • Your spouse doesn’t help you bring in the groceries so you slam them during morning community coffee.
  • Your pastor doesn’t shake your hand one morning so you commiserate with other “neglected” church goers.

We all do it.  Something doesn’t go our way so we pout.  We look for others to roll around with us in our slimy pit.  We say hurtful things because someone hurt us.

It may feel good at the time but then that little voice of conviction pokes us and we know we’ve failed.  We have not been the bigger person.  The devil has drug us down to his level.

It’s okay.  No one is perfect.  But it’s not okay to keep getting drug down into that pit time after time.  When we realize we’ve done it, we need to figure out a way to stop doing it.

Let’s start today…at this very minute…doing what we’ve heard our mother say all our lives:
“If you can’t say something good, then don’t say anything at all.”