What have you been putting off and saying you will “do it later!”?
What are you putting off starting?  Healthy eating, exercise, cleaning plan, travel?
What are you putting off stopping? Smoking, gossip, eating sweets?

Why are you procrastinating?
Do you think you need to wait for a particular day of the month?  Like the first of the month or a Monday or a weekend?
Do you think you need to wait until a certain age or certain things are perfect or aligned just right?

A dear honest friend set me straight yesterday.  With just one sentence she made me realize that I was actually procrastinating and putting off a project that is very important to me.  After talking to her and thinking about it, I think it’s because of fear of failure.  That’s crazy!  What about success!!

Let’s do this together today, my friends……….Let’s get rid of the “I’ll Do It Later” attitude and start TODAY.  Yes today….Saturday, January 16, 2016.   See you later……I’m getting started now!