I love Natalie Grant.  Her music is awesome and as some of you know, God called me to bring her to little Greensburg, Indiana last year and it absolutely changed my life.  Not because I got to meet her and talk to her and see how genuine she is but because God orchestrated every step of the way and made me realize how much I needed Him and had to trust Him in so many ways during the whole process.  And that HE MADE IT HAPPEN!!

While at her afternoon appearance at a local church, she sang a song I was not familiar with but my daughter loved.  I meant to look up the song but forgot until God brought it to me yesterday.  I have attached the song with the lyrics.  God wants us just as we are.  NO ONE is perfect.  Perfection in this life is impossible.  So we just need to give in, fall on our knees and ask the Perfect One to help us live closer to Him so that in the end we can be made perfect with Him.

I hope your imperfect self has a perfect day leaning on the Perfect One.