I had a wise man tell me 25 years ago at a funeral of a friend “it’s not only now those left behind need you but they will also need you 6 months or 2 years from now.”
I’ve never forgotten that.
It’s natural that after a while, people go back to their everyday lives and may forget about the hurt of those affected by the loss. It’s not intentional. It’s the call of life and human nature.
So when a loved one or a friend’s loved one dies, I try to note that date down on my calendar as well as the birthday of the one who passed away so that when those dates roll around, I can send a text or a card to to remind those left behind I am thinking of them.
To remind them that their loved one is not forgotten.
Today is a day that many around the world remember when my friend, Jesus, died. It’s very cool to see so many people remember this date. I think in the midst of this pandemic more people are remembering Him today.
“Why are more people remembering His death during this crisis,” you may ask? Because they are looking for the best part that is yet to come.
His resurrection.
Not only is it cool that so many people remember His birthday and His death but that they also remember His rebirth from His death…His resurrection.
As I go back to what that man told me at the foot of my friend’s casket, I remember that it’s not only now that we need Jesus but months and years and a lifetime from now.
It means a lot to always remember.
It means eternity with Jesus.