I heard it said that when you wake up you have two ways to greet the day.

A) Good morning, Lord!❤️
B) Good Lord, it’s morning!????

It made me laugh when I heard it but it really stuck with me. We do have two choices and whether we say those words, say other words or speak no words at all, it’s a mindset that we start our day with that carries throughout the next 24 hours.

It’s a positive attitude or a negative attitude. It’s finding the good in things or focusing on the negative. It’s saying, “God I trust you no matter what” or “why does everything go wrong for me.”

It’s faith or fault.

I want to choose faith.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not always easy. I dwell on a matter. Give it to God. Pick it right back up. Give it back and on and on. I lay it down at the cross and truly trust Him to take care of it. But then when He’s not moving fast enough or I don’t see change or improvement, I go grab it back and start the worry all over again.

I hope as Christians we remember who is in charge but as humans it’s a given that we will fail to remember. We will fail to trust. We will fail to see God in the details. But we can also ask Him for forgiveness (and we have to do that day after day) and start improving our attitude, start improving our trust and start improving our faith.

It’s never too late to ask God to forgive you and start over with Him as your guide for the day.

So let’s start today out right…together. Are you ready?

Good morning, Lord! ????