“It’s all because of covid.”

How many times have we had to say this over the last 22 months?

Everything changed because of covid.

Some things got better.

Like, some learned how to be more efficient by eliminating travel and using zoom and other video programs for business uses.

Some spent more time with family and friends and probably cooked more.  And when cooking wasn’t in the plan, most supported local restaurants more.

Some learned new hobbies and explored new interests that were offered for free for a limited time.  Some may have gone back to school or perfected a trade they had been working on.

For others covid changed things in a bad way.

Some lost friends and family to this horrible virus.  Some lost their long-time hometown businesses.  Some lost their jobs and in turn, maybe their homes or other possessions.

Because of covid our way of living has changed.  Masks.  Hand sanitizers.  Additional procedures.  More disinfecting.  Skyrocketed costs. Harder travel.  And on and on.

But I know someone who is reliable, never-changing, loving, trustworthy, available 24/7 and loves us more than anything.  He died and came alive again just to prove that He loves us.  He has prepared a place for us in heaven if we accept His invitation to have a relationship with Him.

And how is this?  It’s all because of Jesus.


This world is not our home.  This pandemic is not our life.
Heaven is our home and Jesus is our life.

Yes because of covid our ways of living have changed forever.
But because of Jesus our LIVES can change forever.

And that’s not because of covid.  That’s because of Jesus.