Wow! February 1st!

Start of a new month.

I always love fresh starts whether it’s a new season or a new week or a new month or a new year.  I love that the calendar has so many opportunities for a fresh start.

I have friends who lost their mother the first of January and said they would allow their new year celebration to begin February 1st!

I seem to always start fresh on Mondays with my to-do list items that didn’t get done the week before.

And should I even admit how many times the new healthy lifestyle begins?  The start of the next day.  The start of the weekend.  The start of a new month.  The start of a new moon!  Who knows?

But what I am thankful for is that Jesus gives me a fresh start every minute if I need it.  I fail miserably every day in trying to be faithful and full of trust and do HIS will, not my own will.  But when I go to Him with my failures asking for forgiveness, I envision Him gently patting my shoulder, raising my chin, looking into my eyes and saying, “Your sins are forgiven.  You can start over right now.”

Start over.  Right now. Every day.  Jesus let’s us start over because He loves us.  But we can’t keep intentionally doing those things we know are not pleasing to Him over and over again.  We have to keep trying but when we fail, He forgives.

It’s a weekend and the first day of the month.  A great day to start over.  Whether it’s less sugar, less carbs, more exercise, more commitment to family, or reading your Bible more, use today as a start-over day.  Just remember to always start the day with Jesus.  Let Him lead our new start and I think the times we fail will hurt less with Him holding our hand, walking right by our side.

Stand up. Shoulders back. Eyes ahead. Chin up.  Are you ready?  Let’s start over!