Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

How beautiful is the earth?  Especially this time of year!!  The trees are absolutely gorgeous.  It reminds me of how SIMPLE life really is but with technology, money and busyness, we never stop to enjoy God’s beauty or the simple things in life.

Like swinging on a swing.
Going down a slide.
Walking in the woods.
Rocking in a rocking chair.
Rolling in the grass.
Sitting by a camp fire.
Snuggling under the covers to read a good book.
Licking an ice cream cone – the real stuff – not low fat.
Baking cookies.
Dancing in the rain.
Singing in the shower.
Holding a little one’s hand.
Holding your spouse’s hand.
Holding your parent’s hand.

It’s very SIMPLE.  Enjoy today with God’s creation and the Simple Things in Life.