When my daughter was little, she hated to get her hands dirty.  Dirt, rocks and sand were not her cup of tea.  She even “dug into” her 1st birthday cake with one finger so to not get the icing all over her hands.  Thankfully as time moved on she started to enjoy all of the little joys of getting her hands dirty.

Some of us may be that way now.  I’m not talking about sand and mud either.  I’m talking about doing things that matter to others – that may take us out of our comfort zone.  One of my biggest pet peeves is complaining.  Listening to people find the negative in everything really bothers me.  Yes, there is a whole lot of negative in this world.  But God has blessed us with a whole lot of positive.  When we have a complaint, look at  a way to counteract it with a positive action.

What if today we decided to get our hands dirty and do something positive?
Negative –  “There is always trash lying around at the park”.  Positive – Let’s get our hands dirty and pick it up.
Negative – “I’m tired of my co-worker always being so negative.”  Positive – Let’s get our hands dirty and buy them a cup of coffee.
Negative – “Who is that guy In church who comes in with the dirty shoes and sits alone?”  Positive – Let’s get our hands dirty and reach out and sit by him.
Negative – “I’m sick of nasty waitresses!”  Positive – Let’s get our hands dirty, step out of our comfort zone and smile at them and show kindness.
Negative – “I’m tired of the workers not gathering up the grocery carts in the parking lots.”  Positive – Let’s get our hands dirty and take 2 minutes and gather a few of them to the cart corral.

It’s time to step up to the plate and get our hands dirty.  It’s time to stop complaining, stop wondering why everyone else isn’t doing something and start doing something ourselves.  It’s time to BE ONE…………listen to Natalie Grant’s song and then let’s pledge together to take our hearts, our hands and our feet and take a stand to make a positive difference to this negative world.   Together LET’S GET OUR HANDS DIRTY!