Have you ever been with a friend and getting some popcorn at the theatre and he says, “I’ve got this.”   How nice for them to buy the popcorn for you?

Or you are getting ready to lift your groceries into the car and the bag boy says “I’ve got this” and lifts all your heavy bags of groceries into the car.  That was sweet!

Or you’re having lunch with a co-worker and the waiter brings the check and the co-worker says “I’ve got this.”  How very kind!

I will bet that your first reaction would be to say “No” and try to pay for or do it yourself.  You may try to argue that they don’t need to buy this for you or help you with your groceries because you can buy it or do it yourself.

Then you realize THEY WANT TO HELP YOU.  They are doing the act of kindness because they WANT to do it.  So you “let go” and let them have it!

That’s how we are with God.  We come upon a situation where we feel like we need to act – we need to pick up the heavy load or pay the bill for someone else or for ourselves.  But God gently places His hand on our shoulder and says “I’ve Got This!”

Our first reaction is to say  “No.  I can do it myself.”  And maybe we try and fail miserably.  But God is still waiting right there saying, “please, let me have it.  Seriously, I’ve got this.”

He’s already paid the price.  He’s already done the heavy lifting.  Just let go.  His way is better.  Seriously…..HE’S GOT THIS!