A friend was telling me a story of how she and her family took their grandfather to a baseball game at a stadium he had not been to in decades.  It was a milestone birthday for him and he had always wanted to go back to this particular stadium.  So for his birthday they made his wish come true.

While heading to the stadium, the family was walking quickly keeping up with flow of the crowd to get to the stadium to claim their seats when they realized they were walking much faster than Pappy.  They slowed to walk with him and realized that he was “taking it all in”.  He was looking at every building and every landscape and taking in all of the sights along the journey to the stadium.

It’s a good lesson for all of us to learn as well.  We go through this life in a rush.  Seeing what else we can fit into this 24-hour day.  We get caught up in the “flow of the crowd” around us and trying to walk at their pace.  We say “Let’s do this and mark it off the list” and go to the next thing without even realizing what we missed.  We need to slow down!  Take in the sights.  Smell the autumn air.  Listen to the birds. Touch the roses.  Taste the rain.

Today be aware of your surroundings and of your pace.  Just take a leisurely stroll and don’t miss anything along your journey.