Fifty for Fifty!

For my 50th birthday, my friend, Michelle, contacted about 50 of my friends, coworkers and family to write a note to me sharing kind words and memories from my lifetime.  She had the letters mailed to her home and she gathered them in a beautifully wrapped box tied up with a nice, neat bow and sent them secretly with my husband on our trip to Arizona.

The morning of my birthday, Roger presented me with the box filled with good wishes and kind words.  I sat and read each of those cards with a smile on my face and tears running down my cheeks.

It was not about the physical cards but rather about the time it took Michelle to contact all these people; the kindness of those people to write those nice words; the effort it took for Michelle to gather all those cards and letters and make sure Roger had them to give to me on my special milestone birthday.

It was an act of kindness, of agape love, I will never forget.  And the kindness in that little box continues to fill my life with joy as I pull it out when I’m having a bad day and reread a few of those cards and letters and do it again over and over as a reminder that I am loved.

Today’s challenge to us for Random Acts of Kindness week is to send some love in a card.  Not just picking up a card and signing your name but really taking time to write something special to that person.  Think of a childhood memory or a funny story from years past.  Write a note as to how that person has touched your life or continues to touch others.

Tell someone how great of a job they are doing as a parent or a teacher or an employee.  Look for ways to share kindness by making a difference with your words to others.

It’s true…..we really can make a difference, one act of kindness at a time.