I love Kindness because everyone feels better with kindness. Giving and receiving kindness makes even a bad day better!

There are so many ways to show kindness.  I am not just referring to random acts of kindness but rather intentional creative acts of kindness. There are needy people everywhere. If you don’t know where to start, just ask God to show you who needs kindness,  and I promise you that He will put someone in your path. You just have to believe and be “kreative”.

I also want to challenge you – as I have done in the past – to try and show intentional Kreative Kindness to someone everyday for 10 days. My friend, Stephanie Stenger Jones did over 500 consecutive days of showing intentional kindness to people.

In Ephesians 4:32 (NIV), Paul tells us to be kind and compassionate to one another.   And of course in Galatians 5:22, we see that KINDNESS is a fruit of the Spirit.  Having Christ in us makes us just WANT to show kindness.  Here are some ideas.   I would love to hear from you about your own personalized Kreative Kindness ideas.

1) Send a thinking of you card.
2) Make cupcakes and take to the local fire station thanking them for their service.
3) Make dinner for a new mom.
4) Offer to babysit for a couple and let them have a night out.
5) Send flowers for no reason to a friend.
6) Pay for the meal of the person behind you in McDonald’s drive thru.
7) Hold the door for someone.
8) Give someone else the good parking spot.
9) Call someone and just talk.
10) Sit on the porch and visit someone who may be lonely.
11) Send a college student a “Smile Box” full of items with yellow smiley faces on them – such as plates, napkins, cookies, etc.
12) Send someone an itunes®card.
13) Take ice cream to work to share with co-workers.
14) Mow a neighbor’s yard.
15) Shovel a friend’s driveway.

Showing kindness to others really is a circle………..the recipient receives a warm blessing and YOU will receive a blessing as well.  KREATIVE KINDNESS.  Sounds like a good name for a gift shop.   I like it!