What’s a bucket list?
Things you want to do “before you kick the bucket”?
Things you want to do before a certain age?
Things you want to do while in a certain location?

The answer to me is:  all of the above.

I love writing down goals and working towards accomplishing them.  My bucket list is just a list of things that I want to do that are far enough out of reach that I have to work for them but close enough that I can accomplish them by putting forth some effort.


A bucket list, to me, resonates HOPE.
Goals and to-do lists.
Things that I will enjoy working towards.

I watched the movie, The Bucket List, last night.   It stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  Two polar-opposite terminal cancer patients who create a bucket list and set out to accomplish them, together, before they leave this earth.

And although there are many tears in the movie, the moral of the story is what draws me in every time.  (Not to mention they show the Hill-Rom hospital bed logo many times – for which I am responsible to maintain in my every day work life  🙂 ).

What are the lessons I learned from The Bucket List?
1.   Love while you can.
2.   Forgive – life’s too short to stay mad.
3.   Laugh until you cry.
4.   Witness something majestic.
5.   Travel and see something you have always wanted to see.
6.   Do something you are scared to do.
7.   Treasure friendships.
8.   Don’t be selfish.
9.   Money can’t buy happiness.
10.  It doesn’t matter who you are but WHOSE you are.  (Faith in Jesus)

Do you have a bucket list?  Things you would love to accomplish that will allow you to enjoy the journey as well as the summit?

Start small but love the life God has given you to live.

I’m enjoying one of my bucket list items as I write…..and thank YOU FOR reading it!