When our daughter was entering her “driver education” years, I used to take her and her two friends to the high school to drive around the parking lot in the early summer mornings after they had 5 a.m. weight lifting time for basketball.  I would have them take turns driving.  They would practice stopping at the stop signs, using their signals and learning to use the brake

We had a lot of laughs on those early Friday morning drives.  There was no one else in the parking lot which left us plenty of room for learning.  The only thing to fear were those BIG light poles scattered throughout the black top.  But as each week passed by, they learned to get more comfortable with their driving.  Eventually those girls grew up to get their driver’s licenses, drive on back roads, highways, four-lanes and interstates!  They’ve driven in Chicago, Florida and downtown Indianapolis.  The more they practiced, the more comfortable they became.

I find myself doing that with my faith.  In earlier years, I would trust God with a few things and then a few more and as my Christian faith grew, I realized maybe He did know what He was doing and I began turning more and more things over to Him.  Don’t get me wrong… sometimes I gave them to Him and took them back.  But things always worked out better when I trusted Him.  And now I find myself looking for His works in everyday things. I find myself going to him FIRST instead of after I make a mess on my own.

I guess FAITH is like driving a car…. all it takes is a little practice and eventually you realize, you’re driving through life with God and a little faith on your side.  (Kind of like I did when riding with those girls in the parking lot at school)!   My prayer for you is that you have a little faith as you drive through your journey today!