When I was little, I had an imaginary friend.  I talked to him constantly.  I had a place at the table for him.  He was with me when I played.  I told mom and dad about him and made sure I introduced everyone to my friend.  His name was Bobby.

Now, Bobby was a real person.  He was my real friend.  He was the son of my parents best friends and we hung out a lot together.  So he wasn’t really “imaginary”.  He just wasn’t physically with me all the time even though I pretended he was.  He did have a place at my little table with the full plate/fork/cup setting even though he wasn’t always “really” there to enjoy the pretend food.

It reminds me of my friend, Jesus.  He is with me all the time even though I can’t see Him.  He is real and I talk to Him constantly.  He is with me when I eat, when I walk, when I sit, when I  sleep and when I am awake.  I love spending time with Him and getting to know Him better.  I love introducing Him to people.  They can’t see Him but I want them to know He is there.  I want them to feel His love by my actions.

Bobby and I are all grown up now with families of our own and his name is now “Bob” (hahaha).   Our parents are still friends.  And even though Bobby and I don’t eat together or play together anymore, we both know the same friend, Jesus and for that I am very thankful.

Friends are important and I hope you know our friend, Jesus, too.  If not, I would be glad to introduce Him to you.  Enjoy your friends, today!  Maybe you can even take time right now to send them a note just to let them know you appreciate their friendship!