I love to burn candles.  I love the little bit of light that it gives off in a dark room.  I love the smell of a Christmas Cookie or Buttercream flavored candle.   When I am ready to extinguish the candle, I just place the original glass lid on the candle and it smothers the flame.

Our lives are like candles.  When we have the peace and love of Christ in our lives, we can light up the darkness of the world.  We put off a “sweet smell” of kindness and joy to those we come in contact with.  As long as we stay close to Christ, we can be a shining light throughout the world.

We must be careful not to let the darkness in this world extinguish our flame for Christ.  We cannot let evil smother our joy.  You have to keep the flame of Christian love burning brightly to  light up your world – the rooms you enter;  the places you go; the people you come in contact with; the world you are a part of.

Let God light the flame in your life and you keep it flickering brightly to light up the world you live in!!  And while you are at it…………pick up a sweet smelling candle along the way!